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Hardwood Flooring Supplies

We have a number of supplies to offer our hardwood flooring customers. We can supply the finish, stain, abrasives and accessories that you need to get the tough jobs done. We also carry the sanding equipment necessary for even the largest of refinishing jobs. Use our high-quality supplies to achieve wood floors that you can be proud of.

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Finishes & Stains

We here at Crandall-Worthington know and understand the many different options there are when it comes to refinishing your hardwood floors. Choose from a large selection of stains from dark to natural tones and everything in between to achieve the color and look you want. Our variety of oil-based and water-based floor finishes will give your wood floors that perfect finishing touch. Our team of professionals are here to help you with every step along the way.

All your sanding needs

Sanding Abrasives

Different types of wood floors require different types of sanding abrasives. We have the selection you need no matter what type of wood or finish you’re working on. From belts, edger, screens and drum paper our wide variety of style and brands will ensure that even the toughest jobs get done. 

Professional Flooring


The right hardwood floor equipment can make all the difference in terms of time and results! We carry a large inventory of new and used floor machines such as floor sanders, edger’s, and buffers from all the top manufactures including American Sanders, Bona, and Galaxy. Choose among orbital floor sanders, belt floor sanders, and drum sanders, as well as a wide variety of floor sanding accessories including belt and drum sander parts, dust containment systems, booster box’s and more! Come in and see our showroom or call to inquire about all your equipment needs.

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Supplies for Hardwood Refinishing

There’s more than just stains, finishes and abrasive products when it comes to wood flooring jobs. We have everything you need from the applicators and wood filler to the safety glasses, dust mask and knee pads. All the products to ensure your wood floors look as impressive as possible.