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C. Farina

This place was recommended to me by a Carhartt employee regarding refinishing my wood floors and he was spot on. So helpful with what I needed to screen my hardwood floors and they look awesome. The owner is very knowledgeable and friendly and helpful. They are way less expensive than the big box stores. I couldn’t believe the rental price difference for the sander as well as how long I was able to keep it for 3 days over the weekend. Great place!

Thanks to everyone at Crandall-Worthington. With your guidance and extensive knowledge, our finished floors are beautiful! Special thanks to Stephanie who answered every question I had from sander to finish. Our community is lucky to have a specialty business like C-W who willingly shares their combined decades of knowledge and tips and are invested in a successful project – something you cannot get at the big box stores. Top marks to all.

Paul M.

Patricia W.

If you need it, they have it. The cat decided to pee on my drum cases. Tried the Clorox urine remover… the entire bottle. They just ended up smelling like Clorox and cat pee. Went to Crandall-Worthington and asked what they would use to remove cat pee. They directed me in the direction to their enzymatic urine eater. That did the trick! The bottle was half the cost of the Clorox version from Kroger as well. I also put in a new floor in my garage and they helped me pick out the right floor cleaner sealer for the garage floor. These folks know their stuff. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else.

V Design Detroit

Awesome. Very friendly service and fair prices. I called to inquire about wood stain. I was told they have what I’m looking for and they will have it ready for me at the counter when I arrive. Also bought some tools and got tips on woodwork. Couldn’t be happier. I like supporting good local stores like this one because I can’t find everything I need at Home Depot or Amazon. I’m pleased to know the items I bought were made in the U.S.

Sari K.

I used this company a couple of times. The rental for sanders are great. Cleaning supplies are great. John, provide excellent customer service.

Patricia W.

Great friendly service, the place to go if your refinishing your own floors. The eqipment they rent is top quality. I like their prices on eqipment and supplies.

JAMaxe Restoration

I have been coming here for 30 years or more , they have great products and are helpful , knowledgeable and reasonable

Brendan S.

I’m a floor guy… Sometimes, I run into situations where I might need a specialty tool. Crandall- Worthington has what a guy needs.. And the staff there is great

Doug W.

They always seem to have the parts I need in stock and staff is very helpful.

Rodney O.

Great place for all your cleaning as supplies. Great staff to help.

Dale M.